Using the Xinc Viewer

Xinc includes a user interface which allows you to view and print XSL-FO documents. This program will be referred to as the 'Viewer' in the rest of this document. In windows, the viewer may be started by selecting XincUI (located in the Xinc program group) from the start menu. On other platforms, the viewer may be started by invoking the 'xincui' shell script. This shell script is located in the xinc/bin/unix subdirectory of your installation.

Invoking the viewer directly

On Windows platforms the viewer is usually invoked via a launcher which is created using InstallAnywhere.The launcher is XincUI.exe. On other platforms, the launcher is a shell script called 'xincui'. Xinc can also be invoked directly by entering the following at a command line:

java -cp lib/xalan-j_2_5_1/xalan.jar;lib/xalan-j_2_5_1/xercesImpl.jar;lib/xalan-j_2_5_1/xml-apis.jar;lib/xinc.jar;lib/ui.jar;lib/jh.jar;lib/commons-logging.jar com.lunasil.xf.ui.swing.XincUI

Please note that the separator character may be different depending on the platform you are using. For example, Windows platforms require a semicolon, while Linux and Unix platforms require the colon (':') character.

There are two methods which may be used to display documents in Xinc. You can specify an XSL-FO file directly, or you can specify an XML file and an XSLT file. When you use the latter method, Xinc will invoke an XSLT engine passing the requested XML and XSLT files. The output of this transformation (Which must be valid XSL-FO) is then processed by the Xinc formatting engine and displayed.

View an XSL-FO file

To view an XSL-FO file directly, you can:

Verify that the 'Style' text box in the toolbar does not have anything in it. If it does, you need to erase it. Now click on the 'Format Document' button. (It looks like a refresh or reload button). The document should now be visible and ready for printing.

View an XML document using a Stylesheet

Viewing an XML document using a stylesheet is similar to the previous method except that an XSLT stylesheet is also specified before formatting the document. When you click on the 'Format Document' button, the XSLT transformation is applied to the XML document and the resulting XSL-FO document is displayed.

Generate a PDF file

To generate a PDF file, follow the steps just described. Instead of clicking on the 'Format Document' button, click on the 'Format Pdf' button. (It looks like a refresh or reload button with 'Pdf' after it.) You will be asked to specify a file name for the new PDF file.