Using Saxon

Configuring Saxon 8.4

Xinc can be configured to use the Saxon XSLT engine instead of Xalan. You will need to replace any reference to the Xalan libraries with a reference to the Saxon library.


If you are running on a Windows platform you will need to edit Xinc.lax and XincUI.lax. These files are found in your install directory. Typically this would be 'c:\Program Files\Xinc'. Open the files in a text editor and comment out the 'lax.class.path' lines using a '#' symbol at the start of the line. Add a new lax.class.path line referring to the Saxon jar file instead of the Xalan jar files. Your files should now have lines in them that look like this:


Now modify the '' line so that it looks like this:"-Djava.endorsed.dirs=C:\\Program Files\\Xinc/lib/xalan-j_2_5_1""-Djavax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory=net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl"

If you use the sample batch files you will need to modify them in a similar manner.

Linux, Unix and others

You will need to ensure that the Saxon jar file is in your classpath. You should also remove all references to the Xalan jars from your classpath. In addition the following System property should be set: